Body Conscious incorporates the emerging understanding of neuro-sensory development, over 20 therapeutic touch modalities, Mindfulness techniques, and the latest evidence of health research and exercise prescription via client centered bodywork and movement training.


Therapeutic Touch for Relaxation, Pain Management, & Injury Care

Massage for Relaxation

Deep Tissue

Structural Bodywork

Myo-facial Release

Sports and Injury massage

The client answers a few questions about their body and health history, are then left to dress in private to their level of comfort, and get on the massage table underneath the sheets. “Level of comfort” means as clothed or as undressed as comfortable. This choice is completely up to the client. The body remains covered by the draping sheets and only the part of the body to be worked is uncovered. These techniques are also called “oil on skin” techniques. Lotion or oil is used so that the hands can slide the length of the muscles. Therapeutic massage addresses muscular, lymphatic, neuro-sensory, and cardiovascular systems. Sessions can include full body, or focus on specific muscle groups. Pressure ranges from light to deep.

Therapeutic Touch for Vibrational Healing



Lomi Lomi

Breath Work

Guided Visualization


Meditation Training

Therapeutic touch uses little or no lotion. The client remains clothed to their comfort level, and can be sitting or lying. Therapeutic touch modalities are deeply relaxing and address the whole being at the parasympathetic nervous system. These modalities have been employed by humans for thousands of years across continents and cultures. It can be helpful for the practitioner to know a client’s history, reports of physical, emotional, and spiritual experience, but not necessary. Expressed intention for your session serves as a point of focus. The practitioner acts as a tuning fork helping to calibrate the clients’ bio-magnetic waves to a healthier vibration. Clients report a variety of response descriptions including warmth, relaxation, space, ease, and even biological effects. The pressure ranges from ethereal (barely touching) to medium to work on the mysteries of life, and the spiritual components of healing. Further research on the energy therapies can lead to a more complete understanding of life, disease, and healing.


Body Conscious empowers individuals inside of their own unique experiences.